Care Program Policies

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Missed appointments must be made up before the end of your program. If you don’t you will be billed a missed appointment fee. All missed appointment fees are unable to be claimed from private health. Please also refer to our 3-strike policy in regards to missed appointments.

If you require extra adjustments, feel free to book this in online (or otherwise). The fee will be your care program discounted rate. If you need a lot of these it probably means we have you on the wrong care program so we will talk to you about that.


Remember your compliance to the doctor’s recommended care plan is a key determining factor to the success of your case. Rhythm is critical in maximising the effectiveness of the adjustments.

If you will be away and unable to attend your regular appointment please reschedule ALL appointments yourself online here. This will ensure your care program rhythm is maintained.  

If you are unable to do this, for example you are on a corrective program or your holiday is for over 2 weeks, please contact us in writing via email. That way we can extend your care program to ensure you get the correct amount of adjustments. 


Statements are issued monthly so you can claim back from your private health fund. The dates on your statement will match the dates of your visits which may differ from payments.


Workshops are included free of charge for all patients on care programs. You are also welcome to bring any members of your immediate family to these workshops. 

Failed payments:

If you have 3 failed payments within a care program we will be forced to suspend your care for 3 months.

Cancel Care Program:

If at anytime you want to stop your care program, just let us know and we’ll stop it within 7 days. There is never any lock-in – we only want you here because this is where you want to be. Please advise us in writing – by email is best 

If you have any outstanding fees overdue at that time, they will be payable. Any unused credit can be refunded back to you. 

All future appointments will be cancelled at this time. If you have missed an appointment you will no longer be able to make this up after cancellation. 

*This policy is subject to change at any time. Please refer to this page for an up-to-date version of our policy at any time. – V.02

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