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Posture Correction

Offering excellent posture correction for adults and children from Brendale to Eatons Hill, Warner, Bray Park, Strathpine and beyond.

Posture is one of the two primary causes of spine misalignment – a root cause of pain and degeneration. (The other is trauma). Without correcting posture, you are unlikely to get long-term or permanent relief of pain.

In our day and age poor posture is very common. No longer are we ‘hunter-gather’ style picking berries from trees above our heads. Today we are heads down looking at our phones, bent over working and sitting staring at computer screens for long periods of time.

Changing posture is easy if you use the right comprehensive technique. At Miracle Life Chiropractic we use a multi-pronged approach.

This includes:

Specific chiropractic posture correction techniques
Posture retraining exercises
Postural muscle strengthening exercises
Spinal traction

With these steps, most posture can be very substantially corrected for better appearance, better health, and better longevity. You will generally notice better posture from your first adjustment!

How can we help?

There are many sources of stress in physical health and well-being. One such source of stress is subluxation (misalignment) of the spine. It doesn’t matter if the stress is due to a single injury, or an accumulation of everyday incidents. Interference thus begins to form throughout the nervous system through the spinal misalignment. Our job as chiropractors is to find that misalignment and adjust it until the interference is removed.

This is just one of the ways we address the root cause of your concern. It is also how we can ensure we are helping you to unlock optimal health and your best life yet!


$149 Total Health Evaluation

Comprehensive Initial Consultation
Spinal, Neurological and Orthopedic Examination as Required
Comprehensive Second Consultation with Explanation of Results & Recommendations
Full Spine X-rays if Clinically Relevant
4-View Motion Study X-Rays if Clinically Relevant
Valued at $380
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