Total Health Evaluation

Our new patient process at Miracle Life Chiropractic is unlike anything most clients have encountered before. Through our in-depth assessment, we help to identify the underlying causes of your symptoms and offer education to help guide you to address the root cause of your concern.

Our Total Health Evaluation enables us to determine if Chiropractic will help you and if we are the best place for you. If we don’t feel that we are the best place for you at this time we will do our best to refer you to someone who can help.

What is included?

The Total Health Evaluation includes both your first and second consultations.

On Your First Visit

We will discuss with you in detail your health history, current health situation and any specific goals or objectives you have. The Chiropractor will perform an examination including spinal, neurological and orthopedic tests as required. This will help to determine where your symptoms are coming from and the underlying cause of your problem. It will then be determined if additional testing is needed, including our on-site X-rays or more detailed imaging.

On Your Second Visit

On your second visit the doctor will evaluate your examination results and X-ray findings to help you understand the root cause of your problem. A customised course of care will be recommended to ensure a clear path forward to unlock your health. Your plan will be based on your goals, lifestyle habits and the severity of your condition.
Your visit will conclude with your first chiropractic adjustment.

Valued at $380

$149 Special Offer for New Visitors

Comprehensive Initial Consultation
Spinal, Neurological and Orthopedic Examination as Required
Comprehensive Second Consultation with Explanation of Results & Recommendations
Full Spine X-rays if Clinically Relevant
4-View Motion Study X-Rays if Clinically Relevant

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Most people want to live a good life, but we rarely stop to consider what we can actually do about it. Ask yourself: what offers the best chance of being a healthy human now and into the future—treatment of sickness, or promotion of health?

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