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Shift toward Optimal Health

We want you to be able to unlock your best life yet. When your health isn’t treated as your most prized possession, this priceless gift can ebb away.

At Miracle Life Chiropractic we are committed to teaching our patients how to obtain and maintain their health and ultimately unlock their best life yet.

Our Mission​

It is our mission to educate and adjust as many families as possible toward optimal health through natural chiropractic care.

We help our patients maintain growth mindsets to achieve better health, full functionality and optimal performance. And we truly believe that patients and families under our care live healthier, safer lives.

Who Are We

Miracle Life Chiropractic is a family run business. Dr Richard Sawyer has been practicing since 1996. He has seen and adjusted over 10,000 patients during his 25+ year career.

The passion of the team is genuine, and they live according to the principles they teach allowing them to act as your role models and cheerleaders.

Our Unique Philosophy

At Miracle Life Chiropractic we believe that the body is an amazingly clever entity that doesn’t need any help to become healthy. It just needs to have no interference.

The nervous system is the master coordinator and controller of all bodily functions. When it’s functioning correctly, you are better able to express health—better health than you ever imagined possible. Certain stresses in our lives get in the way of the nervous system working ideally, and we refer to those stresses as subluxations.

Our job is to remove those blockages so that your body is free of interference. Then it can use its own power and wisdom to create healing and wellness.

In our practice, we consider the whole health of our patients as well as their lifestyles to reveal underlying causes of discomfort and debilitation. We remove subluxations through chiropractic adjustments. We also educate clients about how certain foods, thoughts and movements can contribute to poor health, and teach them better habits to support long-term health.

Our Team

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